Building Skill Through Play: Making Choices

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Allowing and providing students with the opportunity to make choices

Spring has sprung in Indiana and our recess teams are finally able to make it outside on a more consistent basis. This March, not only have we been playing loads of games outside, we’ve been allowing and providing students with opportunities to make choices. 

A consistent element of every Playworks recess is students having choices. We always provide ample amounts of games and activities so that way kids can select what they want to do at recess. We also want to make sure that our games are not only fun, but challenge kids in a safe environment. 

Our Coaches are working with their recess teams at schools and asking these questions this month:

  • How are we challenging students outside?
  • What are the potential academic/behavioral benefits of creating a space for playful decision making and risk taking?

By asking ourselves and our school staff these questions we’re making sure recess is a place that children can play and develop socially, emotionally, and academically. 

It’s important that at a Playworks partner school that we are creating an environment of safe, healthy, and inclusive play throughout the school day. This starts in the classroom and gets carried to recess, and then back inside for the rest of the day. Creating seamless transitions from class time to play time for students and faculty is a reason Playworks programming works so well. 

Stay tuned for what else we have in store for the rest if this school year!

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