September Scope and Sequence: Roshambo and Let it go!

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Ro Sham Bo and Let it go!

Playworks’ 10th school year here in Indiana is officially underway! This school year, we will be celebrating this incredible milestone while continuing to focus on leveraging play to bring out the best in every kid every day.  Every year our Impact team creates a ‘scope and sequence’ mapping out how our school staff will deliver our programming. This ensures that our school staff are hitting all the important social and emotional learning like conflict resolution, which is September’s skill focus. 

Playworks main conflict resolution tool is Roshambo, otherwise known as rock paper scissors. Playworks has found that using roshambo allows the students to take ownership of conflicts without having to involve an adult. This way, conflicts can stop as fast as they started, which minimizes students being sent to the office and getting play taken away. 

The second component to roshambo is let it go. This means that after someone is more successful in roshambo, the conflict is resolved. There are no rounds or questions about it. Our school staff sets up that expectation from the first day so students understand how to roshambo and let it go. 

We are looking forward to sharing our 10th anniversary and all that we will be doing on and off the playground. Make sure you keep up with our other scope and sequence skill focuses by following us on social media @playworksind and subscribing to our newsletter!


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