Meet our 2022-2023 Coaches

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Meet our 2022-2023 AmeriCorps Coaches

Coach Meme (Kamella)

School: Robert Frost 106

Favorite recess game: Bridge Ball

Fun fact: Coach Meme has 45 pairs of colorful crocs!





Coach Lauriah

School: George Buck 94

Favorite recess game: Red Rover

Fun fact: Lauriah loves to wear hats and considers herself a “jill of all trades”




Coach Koala (Deliliah)

School: CFI2

Favorite recess game: Hide ‘n seek or monkey bars

Fun fact: Coach Koala is inspired by a former swim student who called me that because they could not pronounce my name.




Coach Bub (Stephan)

School: Daniel Webster 46

Favorite recess game: Bridge Ball

Fun fact: He’s a huge Chicago Bulls fan!





Coach Murf (Madarrell)

School: TGNS

Favorite recess game: Dodge Ball

Fun fact: He was born in Kentucky!



Woman holding kickball

Coach Allie

School: Anna Brochhaussen

Favorite recess game: Packman Tag or Cookie Jar

Fun fact: Allie likes to make mixed media art and sew!





Coach Nathan

School: Matchbook Learning

Favorite recess game: Kickball and Dodgeball

Fun fact: Nathan enjoys all things outdoors!

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