Coach Spotlight: Patrick Knorr

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For a Playworks Coach, an AmeriCorps service year is one school year. Sometimes at Playworks, our Coaches love that first year so much they come back for multiple years in a row. That is exactly the case for the next Coach in our spotlight series, Patrick Knorr. Patrick  returned for a second AmeriCorps service year with Playworks after serving as a Coach at Thomas Gregg Neighborhood School #15 during the 2020-2021 school year. This school year, Patrick is an AmeriCorps Coach at SUPER School #19.  For Patrick, the Coach position has opened many doors, both professionally and personally. 

“I recently got my own apartment due to being a Coach so that’s really nice. I also want to coach youth sports at some point in my future so my experience with the Leagues program this year will definitely help me there.”

Being a returning AmeriCorps member, Patrick knew what he was getting into and had expectations for his new school. He quickly learned though that all schools are different and things he did at his first school were not going to work at SUPER School. Each school can bring different challenges for Coaches. This school had a hard time with organization, so Patrick made it his goal to improve that with his students.

“I want all my students to line up well before and after recess. Most grades are pretty good but I like organization and a few grades haven’t quite gotten there yet.” 

Despite the challenges being a Coach can bring, there are so many rewards. Coach Patrick loves when his students get excited to play games together and when they take care of each other. This is a huge change since the beginning of the school year when Coach Patrick saw many fights on the playground. 

“I think seeing students help others out and just be really kind is my favorite thing about recess. Whenever a student gets hurt there’s like 4 classmates checking on them and showing compassion, I love it.”

Recess doesn’t have to be a place of chaos where bullying and fighting are prominent. With Playworks, recess is inclusive, safe, and healthy for every kid. All while empowering the students to decide what they’re going to play that day. Playworks also provides a caring and consistent adult everyday that students can open up to and know someone is there supporting them not only at recess, but in the classroom too.

SUPER School 19 and Playworks is so grateful Coach Patrick came back for another year. We can’t wait to see what you accomplish by the end of the school year Coach Patrick!

To keep up with Patrick and our other Coaches, follow us on instagram @Playworksind. And if you’re interested in being an AmeriCorps Coach next school year, visit to apply!

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