Coach Spotlight: Kamella Wolfork

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A core component of Playworks Indiana are our AmeriCoprs Coaches. Playworks AmeriCorps Coaches serve onsite at our partner schools every day of the school year so kids in Indiana experience safe, inclusive, and healthy play that lead to positive student outcomes. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to provide our most intense direct service program, Coach! In this series we will be introducing our seven wonderful Coaches for the 2021-2022 school year and giving some insight on what it’s like to be an AmeriCorps Coach at Playworks Indiana.

Our first coach we’d like to introduce is Kamella Wolfork, or Coach Meme as her students call her. Coach Meme is currently serving at Circle City Prep this school year and is loving her time there. Coach Meme first heard about Playworks through Facebook. She thought the AmeriCorps program would be a great fit for her, and it was!

“I love being able to come to work and actually enjoy myself! The best part of working with kids is experiencing all the things we can through play!”

Coach Meme loves to facilitate all sorts of tag games at recess, but those aren’t her favorite. Her favorite games are the ones that students ask her to play. It’s important that Coach Meme’s students are not only learning and participating in the games she’s teaching, but also initiating them too. Coach Meme really values her time with her students and understands why Playworks is an important component to creating a positive school experience for every student. 

“Not all scholars come from a place of peace. They don’t all come from a home where they have the chance to develop socially. Some of them can’t go outside and play at home because it isn’t safe. Not all scholars go to daycare, preschool, or even Kindergarten (as school isn’t a requirement in Indiana until age 7). So when they come to a Playworks school and get SEL lessons that they truly enjoy via play, it opens up their minds to what could be – and by that I mean that they get to experience healthy play in a healthy community. That is something that they’ll carry with them throughout their entire lives.”

Thank you Coach Meme for always being the most energetic, fun, and caring adult on the playground everyday! Circle City Prep is so lucky to have you. Way to go Coach Meme!

To learn more about our AmeriCorps Coaches or apply to be a Coach visit or email Also, be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter at @PlayworksInd to meet the rest of our 2021-2022 AC Coaches and keep up on all our current events.





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