Healthy Chicago 2.0 and Playworks deepen impact in schools

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Healthy Chicago 2.0, launched by Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago Department of Public Health, serves as the start of a new movement dedicated to making Chicago a connected, vibrant, and healthy city for all residents. Playworks partnered with Healthy Chicago 2.0 because of our shared values to create healthier, inclusive school communities where kids can thrive.

Through a mix of on-site coaches, professional training for school staff who support recess, and consultative partnerships, Playworks helps elementary school partners bring out the best in every kid through play. During the 2016-17  school year, Playworks Illinois is partnering with 40 schools and is delivering services so that 25,000 elementary students statewide can experience safe, healthy play.

“Healthy Chicago 2.0 is a really incredible plan because it’s so comprehensive,” said Playworks Illinois Executive Director Colleen Harvey. “We know our program has significant impact, not only for kids’ health and physical activity and opportunities for play throughout the day, but also for educational outcomes.”

“Playworks is an amazing partnership,” said Principal Estuardo Mazin of John Barry Elementary. “[It] has helped elevate the level of social-emotional learning that is happening in our school.”

Healthy Chicago 2.0: Playworks from Free Spirit Media on Vimeo.



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