Chicago 2013 Corporate Kickball Tournament

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What do 8,000 kids at 15 low-income schools in Chicago have in common? They all receive safe, meaningful and inclusive play and physical activity everyday through Playworks!

We welcome you and your company to join Playworks in an afternoon of nostalgia over green grass, a wide open field, and a big red bouncy ball at our 2nd Annual Playworks Corporate Kickball Tournament. Our tournament offers Chicago companies the chance to give back to their community while enjoying a few hours of play and bonding with coworkers. Playworks has a proven and scalable model aimed at increasing physical activity in low-income schools. We hope that your company joins us in our work by supporting this event.

This year’s tournament, on Saturday, June 15 from 10am-2pm at Lincoln Park's Waveland Baseball Diamonds, along Chicago's famous Lake Shore Drive, will include opportunities for networking (or friendly trash-talking), complimentary T-shirts for all participants, food and refreshments, and a bit of relaxed (or intense!) kickball competition against other Chicago-area businesses. The winning team will receive the coveted Golden Kickball trophy to display in your office, bragging rights, and plenty of high fives.

(Schiff Hardin, LLP, winner of the 2012 Golden Kickball)

Our hope is that each participant walks off the field feeling like a rock star, having played a fun game of kickball while making a valuable contribution to an organization that is working to improve the health and well-being of children in Chicago’s low-income neighborhoods every day. All event proceeds support Playworks Chicago, which provides increased opportunities for physical activity and safe, meaningful play to 8,000 students at 15 under-resourced schools. Your leadership will help leverage the power of play to change the way that 8,000 kids experience the school day.  

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three people with Playworks shirts

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