Corporate Recess

Is your team at work struggling with teamwork, communication, morale, or problem solving? Playworks Corporate Recess has the solution!

Corporate Recess provides a unique team building experience for your team. Through hands-on games, lively
discussion and a focus on key themes important for your company’s success, our trainers lead your team in a
highly organized and engaged adult recess experience. We look forward to working with you to identify your top
priorities and building a custom plan based on your needs

Corporate Recess is:
• A lively, inclusive team-building experience that fosters increased employee satisfaction and collaboration.
• An interactive, nontraditional approach strategically designed to meet your company’s goals.
• Customized to meet your specific needs on the time, number of staff participating, and space provided.


“Play fosters creativity. And when you’re at a Playworks event you can’t help but to bring that energy, excitement, and creativity back to the organization.” – Ebony Felix, Vice President of Programs,

Customizable Themes for Games/Activities:
• Trust & Rapport
• Communication
• Teamwork
• Empathy
• Wellness

What you can expect:
A customized Corporate Recess…

  • will focus on one to two themes determined by you
  • will include tools and resources to keep the team building and learning alive after your recess
  • can include one or multiple touch points for continued support on meeting your unique goals
  • participant and supervisor surveys to assess impact and goals met
  • will each games and strategies to foster collaboration and teamwork
  • will engage employees in team building exercises that create a sense of belonging and trust
  • uses energized activity to practice effective communication and leadership skills
  • will encourage strategic and “out of the box” thinking through fun and innovative games


Sample Arizona Corporate Recess
2-Hour Workshop
(Note: This is a sample outline and all workshop content areas are customizable.)

Sample Agenda
Introduction & Icebreaker (20 min)
– Build rapport and connection
– Communicate purpose of the Corporate Recess
– Review agenda, outcomes & group agreements

Themed Games & Activities (70 min)
– Aligned to your theme and top priorities identified
– Active and interactive opportunities for all participants
– Trainer-led debriefing that directly ties to priorities and allows staff to contribute to the process and make connections

Appreciation & Closing (30 min)
– Celebrate our time together
– Review outcomes met
– Identify next steps to continue team growth


Ready to sign up?

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