Ilse Ramirez of Granada Primary Chosen as Junior Coach of the Month

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We would like to congratulate IIse Ramirez, winner of Playworks Arizona’s Coach of the Month!

Ilse is a natural leader. We know that she will make a difference in the world just as she is making a difference in her school currently. Her enthusiasm for leadership is contagious. She takes her role as a Junior Coach very seriously and creates a safe and healthy recess by taking the initiative to get things done. She is constantly applying what she learns from her after school training to her job as a Junior Coach and uses her own Playworks Coach as a role model, learning and absorbing everything she can. Ilse has the spirit of a third grader, but the maturity of someone much older. She is very responsible and respectful.

Recently, Granada Primary had a family day event where third graders were invited to show their families the Playworks-way while facilitating games and activities. Ilse taught the game “Drop the Cookie” just as her coach had modeled for her, and would check for understanding among her peers while giving very specific examples.

Ilse also often pushes herself outside of her comfort zone, as she likes to refer to it, and is always willing to try something new. For example, soccer is not her favorite game but she knows that she is needed there and delivers an exceptional job with a smile on her face. We are very proud of Ilse and we can’t wait to see how far her leadership will go this year. Whoosh Clap to Junior Coach Ilse!