Coach Fannin is Arizona’s Coach of the Month

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We would like to congratulate Coach Fannin as Playworks Arizona’s Coach of the Month! Coach Fannin relocated to Arizona after serving as an AmeriCorps coach in Utah. He’s been a great addition to our Arizona team and has brought with him new and exciting games that our students love such as ro-sham-bo conga and Chewbacca ball. We are happy to say that these games are now being played across the valley because of him. Coach Fannin’s funny and engaging personality is not only loved by his students but also by his teachers, administrators, and recess teams.

The educators that have worked with Coach Fannin have this to say about how is impacting their schools:

I see so many more children playing instead of simply sitting at the tables. They know where to go if they want to play a specific game. Jordan’s work with our Junior Coaches has also been a huge success. Children who have not been in leadership roles before are stepping up and leading by example. Jordan has definitely empowered them to take on this role. Even our lineups from recess have greatly improved. Jordan’s positive demeanor and consistency is showing great results here at Colina! We only wish we could have him here all the time. Colina benefits greatly from Playworks and Coach Fannin.

Kelly Brunner

Principal, Colina Elementary

I really enjoy working with Jordan! He’s so friendly and knowledgeable. He is genuinely interested in helping our school be successful with the Playworks program. The students adore him and everyone looks forward to him coming. I couldn’t ask for a better site coordinator. I love how he’s always willing to help out and solve any issues that arise.

Diana Perez

Recess Coach, Weinberg Elementary

Jordan’s high level of professionalism and genuine spirit has been the driver in his success in launching two new TeamUp schools and growing two existing partners. Not only is he an amazing site coordinator, but he is a dedicated husband and father of two. The role of a site coordinator is both mentally and physically demanding and yet he is able to do it all, and even attends Playworks events with his family on weekends. He is a part of his school communities and goes above and beyond ensuring that he has strong relationships with each person. We are honored to have a coach like Coach Fannin as our Playworks Coach of the Month!

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