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Junior Coach Ailinn started the year very shy and timid. Although small in size, she has a huge heart and enormous leadership potential. Being a Junior Coach at a school that has never had Playworks before, she was not too sure what she was getting herself into, but she fearlessly took on the challenge and has conquered it like a true leader. Now on the playground, Junior Coach Ailinn surely makes her presence known.

Junior Coach Ailinn has grown tremendously in the Junior Coach Leadership Program. She shows up to recess duty on time with a smile on her face. Her enthusiasm has transformed the recess playground to what it is today. She uses an assertive voice to do attention getters and gets games going. She is often heard jumping with joy and yelling to her Playworks coach, “Coach Mitzi I am having so much fun!”

In addition to her energy, Junior Coach Ailinn also has a gentle heart. She shows empathy to students who come to her with a conflict, using tools that she has learned during the Junior Coach Leadership Program. She is also great with younger kids, always squatting down to their eye level to hear them out.

Junior Coach Ailinn’s most recent success was running our second-grade recess like a true Recess Rockstar from start to finish. She set up cones to mark clear boundaries and had three stations running with a high number of participants. Since she was the only Junior Coach serving this recess, she was rotating station to station all on her own. She solved any conflict that came her way and gave high-fives left and right. To top it off, she courageously stood in front of over 100 second-graders as they lined up to transition out of recess with the “a tooty-ta” cheer, engaging students to line up and get ready to go back inside to learn. She demonstrated confidence, courage, leadership, and assertiveness like a true role model!

Keep up the great work Junior Coach Ailinn! DOUBLE WHOOSH CLAP!!! #EnergizeAZ

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