December Coach of the Month

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Launching a program in a brand new district is easier said than done for some people, but not Coach Mitzi. Since beginning her journey with Playworks as an AmeriCorps member, Coach Mitzi has proven that she is dedicated to making a positive change in her community.

Coach Mitzi promotes a healthy community at Montebello. During Class Game Time (CGT) she challenges students and adults to take social-emotional learning to another level by applying skills learned to real life situations beyond the classroom. Recently at recess, Coach Mitzi organized students vs. staff games, which have been such a big hit that the principal makes time in her busy schedule to join in.

Serving such a large and diverse demographic, Coach Mitzi felt inspired to support those less fortunate by hosting a school-wide canned food drive competition. The drive was a huge success. Coach Mitzi and her Junior Coaches are making sure no family goes without this holiday season. The prize for the most cans collected: an hour long CGT!

Coach Mitzi consistently displays a tireless work ethic and positive attitude beyond the normal 9am-5pm. In her free time, she creates videos highlighting her Junor Coaches' success, attends school events, reflects on how she can be better tomorrow, and has even made time to earn her master's degree.

Coach Mitzi is not only a role model for her students but for her peers as well. She understands the true meaning behind giving every child a chance to play every day and is an essential asset in achieving our AIM of reaching 3.5 million students by 2020. Please join me in giving her a big whoosh clap! #EnergizeAZ

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