November Junior Coach of the Month

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We are thrilled to announce Ariana as our November Junior Coach of the Month! Ariana is a 5th grader at Bethune School. The five best words to describe Ariana: responsible, charismatic, resilient, helpful, and creative. If she could have any animal as a pet it would be a dog, and if there was a movie about her life, Ariana Grande would play her in it. She is also the brains behind Coach Taylor’s nickname, “Frolicious.”

Ariana has excelled as a Junior Coach since day one. Whether using her superpowers for good or learning different ways to use them better, Ariana goes above and beyond no matter the task or challenge. She is always pushing to get as many high-fives as she can and has excelled in her responsibility of leading recess claps. Anyone on the playground can look forward to hearing her voice as she calls out “match me” and “if you can hear my voice…” every single day. Even when kids are reluctant to respond, she never gives up and continues to lead by example.

During the Junior Coach Leadership Program (JCLP) and Class Game Time, Ariana never forgets to embrace the Playworks’ core values in all that she does. She is always respectful, she never lets anyone feel as if they aren’t included, and her positive attitude puts the “healthy” in Healthy Play/Community. Additionally, she is never late to work, is always willing to help, and has yet to miss a day of JCLP.

Ariana is an all-star Junior Coach, but it’s in her moments of learning and growth that she shines the most. On days when she is down, she is always looking to lift others up. When emotions are high, she takes it upon herself to step back and reflect – doing what she knows a leader would do.

Every day, Ariana grows as a Junior Coach and learns new ways to be a role model. She has such a bright future ahead and we know that she will continue to become all she can be as a student, a person, and a Junior Coach! Triple whoosh clap to Ariana, because one just isn’t enough.

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