October Teacher of the Month

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Ms. Conklin is a 5th grade teacher at Montebello. She is an amazing advocate for Playworks. Her class always shows up on time and ready to play (they follow her enthusiasm as she leads by example). Ms. Conklin was an amazing support when it came to Junior Coach recruitment and helped spread the word amongst her students and encouraged those who were a little hesitant about their leadership potential. She promotes Junior Coach personal growth by allowing them to be leaders in their class by encouraging the Junior Coaches in her class to do attention getters! She says it helps her tremendously with class behavior and group management.

Ms. Conklin is outside during 5th grade recess and demonstrates our core value of inclusion by encouraging kids to play as she plays too! She plays a huge part in healthy play by reminding students about the social emotional learning skills we focus on during ;Class Game Time. Often times during recess she can be found starting games with a variety of students and encouraging everyone (including other adults) to join in. Ms. Conklin is creative and a great example of a leader for all of her students. She is an amazing advocate for our Playworks Core Values!

Let’s give a double high 5 for Ms. Conklin! #EnergizeAZ

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