October Staff Member of the Month

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Officer Dalton is a very involved Student Resource Officer at Loma Linda School in Phoenix, AZ and is a huge champion of Playworks.

Throughout the day, Officer Dalton can be found cycling or scooting his way around campus and is always eager to jump in and learn new games during Class Game Time.   His genuine love of play and active engagement has a huge impact on the students.

During the month of October,  Officer Dalton organized a Police Play Day with Playworks and 5th grade students.  His hope during the event was that children could see that not all cops are not “bad” – as students sometimes perceive.  Through positive role-modeling – playing 4-square, dodgeball and tag at recess – Officer Dalton continually emphasizes that he, though an SRO, is just like everyone else and cares about each student as much as teachers do.

The event was a huge success for everyone that participated.

A true part of the high-five community at Loma Linda, we are thrilled to honor Officer Dalton as our October Staff-Member of the Month for embodying Playworks culture and further helping to #EnergizeAZ.

More Updates

May 19, 2022

First Ever Arizona State Capitol Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament! ›

Fun lunch time getaway had by all who joined Playworks for a game of rock, paper, scissors at the Arizona State Capitol on May 16, 2022. “The Grand Canyon State modeled true bipartisan leadership this week thru a lively round of Rock Paper Scissors at the State Capitol,” Playworks Arizona Advisory Board Member Emily Anne…

May 16, 2022

Rock Paper Scissors Tournament at the Arizona State Capitol ›

PRESS RELEASE WHAT: Get ready to play in a Rock Paper Scissors Tournament at a free, live event at the Arizona State Capitol on Monday, May 16th from 12:00 p.m. – 12:30 p.m. at Rose Garden, 1700 W Washington St. Phoenix, AX 85007. When you play in this tournament, you’ll be joining Playworks community members–kids…

March 30, 2022

Thunderbirds Charities Supporting Safe Return to Play in Arizona ›

PRESS RELEASE Thunderbirds Charities announces its support of the relaunch of Playworks’ TeamUp program in Title 1 schools in Arizona and further innovation of the Playworks Pro training programs, professional development programs for adults who work with kids. Together, these organizations will support kids transitioning to schools and recess safely from the COVID-19 pandemic. This…