October JC of the Month

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Symphany, Children First Academy

Symphany is a Junior Coach at Children First Academy. Since Playworks launched at her school, she has made an incredible impact through the Junior Coach program. Symphany is an amazing 4th grade student, a big sister, and an impressive leader.

Every day, she shows how she cherishes the opportunity to be a leader. She is always ready to lead activities or volunteer to do a quick attention-getter during JC training. She loves to get students involved in Playworks games during recess, never shying away in asking them to join her play area.

An impressive leader, she was recently asked by Ms. Lay, the principal of her school, to lead an icebreaker game during a recent teacher training. Since Pindown is her favorite game, she decided that teachers would love it too! She practiced with Coach Heather for several days and wowed the teachers with her active facilitation—double checking for understanding through call and response. We are proud to recognize Junior Coach Symphany, who sure knows how to #EnergizeAZ.

More Updates

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December 18, 2023

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