Wisconsin Coaches

Meet our 2017-2018 Playworks Coaches!

Cassie Gherardini

School site: Mitchell Elementary School

Favorite game: Doctor Fox

“I’m a firm believer that many of life’s most important lessons are learned outside of the classroom on the playground. I am so excited that Playworks is allowing me to make a positive impact on a really important time in so many students’ lives! Recess and the games played during it should be a positive, safe, and fun time for each and every kid. It’s an opportunity for them to get to know each other and learn how to be the worlds’ next great leaders, and I want to make that true for as many students as I possibly can.”


Clarissa Evans

School site: Rogers Street Academy

Favorite game: Chi Master

“I have always had a passion for working with students and empowering them. With Playworks I get to empower them through Play. The program itself has so many opportunities built into it to allow for students to be leaders on the playground. I truly live by the saying our youth is our most powerful weapon. Let’s continue to empower them to be the next leaders.”


Devonte Leggett

School site: Grantosa Drive Elementary School

Favorite game: Lightning

“When asked about my passion, I must truly say it’s being a helping hand to empower youth. The passion for service I have for helping out our younger generation is inevitable, especially when considering growth through the power of play.”


Haley Holan

School site: ALBA Elementary School

Favorite Game: Three Line Soccer

“Physical activity and sports have been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember. In addition to cultivating a love for playing, they’ve shaped how I see the world and the way I interact with people. Through Playworks, I hope to share my love for play with everyone I meet! I cannot wait to join ALBA’s community and begin building relationships, empowering students, and doling out as many high-fives as possible!”


Kelly Kubiak

School site: Ninety-Fifth Street Elementary School

Favorite game: Chi Master


Lauran Bowe Slagle

School site: Flex

Favorite game: Dr. Fox

“Working with the kids of Milwaukee is one of my greatest passions, and being able to teach them and to empower them through play is a dream come true. I love being able to work in and give back to the community that raised me. All kids should be able to feel safe and encouraged at school and on the playground, and I’m doing my best to make that a reality.”


Maryann Walbert

School site: Albert Story School

Favorite game: Hula Hoop Tag

“I have always enjoyed getting to know others while playing sports or other games. It wasn’t until later that I realized how many skills I learned through those interactions with my peers and adults in my life. I wanted to be a Playworks Coach so that I could be a part of orchestrating those relationships and developing lifelong skills in a fun, meaningful way.”

Melissa Luke

School site: Burdick Elementary School

Favorite game: Four Square

“I have always loved working with kids, and I truly believe that by empowering our youth we can better our communities and our world.  I want all kids to feel positive about themselves and have an awesome time during recess.”

Mychaela Moore

School site: Milwaukee Parkside School

Favorite game: Soccer

“I’ve always been interested in play and how it affects development and how kids learn. Playworks offers such a great opportunity for kids to grow, form awesome relationships, and build great strategies for conflict resolution. What they learn on the playground can be applied to every day life and I’m really excited to be apart of that!”


Rachel Kornetsky

School site: Lloyd Barbee Elementary School

Favorite game: Kickball

“I think that play is so important to us as human beings, whether we’re little kids playing tag or big kids in an office. With Playworks, I get the amazing privilege of hanging out with awesome kids every day, giving out High Fives, and seeing the power of play put smiles on faces, solve conflict, and turn kids into ROCKSTAR leaders on the playground. I’m pretty sure I have the coolest job in the world.”

Ryan Smith

School site: Siefert Elementary School

Favorite game: Four Square