Coach Alli 

James E. Moss Elementary

Coach Alli loves to be outside and helping students. When she heard about Playworks it sounded like the ideal job for her! She spent her first year working with students at Moss Elementary and it was the most rewarding experience she’s ever had. She can’t wait to see my students again and to spend another year playing!


Coach Angie

Woodrow Wilson Elementary

From PTA Volunteer, Junior Coach Parent, lunchroom aide, recess aid to Playworks IT, Coach Angie has seen first hand, from many angles, the impact that Playworks has in schools. Problem solving, positive active play, and all around fun times, Playworks Rocks! She’s excited to bring her diverse views, can do vibe, and fun games to a new school!


Coach Cerina

North Star Elementary 

Coach Cerina learned about Playworks through working at elementary schools while being a Para for special education. She’s most excited to work with kids and help them grow in any way possible and make their time with her fun and something to always look forward to.


Coach Colin

Roosevelt Elementary 

The past few years, Coach Colin has been looking for what helps people enjoy their time and feel like part of the community that surrounds them. He believes the feeling of disconnection fuels many of our societal issues, but play, especially in childhood, offers a platform to learn about yourself and those around you. This is why he is exited to work toward the goal of getting every kid to play everyday.


Coach Haley 

East Midvale Elementary

Coach Haley is very excited to embark on her third year serving as an AmeriCorps Coach with Playworks. She believes each child has a different story and it’s our job to treat each child as their own and make their world a little better each day.


Coach Heather

Riley Elementary 

Coach Heathery studied recreation management in college and worked as a recess aide each year when she came back from school. She loved working at recess so much that whenever people would ask her what she wanted to do, she would tell them that she just wanted to do recess! She’s excited for her second year as an AmeriCorps member, because I want to continue to help the students learn and grow through play!


Coach Jason

Academy Park Elementary

Coach Jason is excited to play with and learn from all of the kids this year. He was born in California and raised in Orem Utah. He loves animals, playing outside, and spending time with his family.

Coach Katt

Flex Coach

Coach Katt is serving her first year as an AmeriCorps member. She is am excited to learn and most importantly play in the upcoming school year!


Coach Karisa

Hillsdale Elementary

Coach Karisa has always wanted to dedicated her time to a place where she felt like she could help make a difference in people’s every day life and as well the long term. She believes Playworks will give her that opportunity! She’s excited to help these kids to become more active, find more self confidence, and learn crucial life skills through playing every day!


Coach K

Midvale Elementary

For the past two years, Coach K has been working towards an Exercise Science Degree at Idaho State and, and struggled to figure out where she wanted to take her degree. Sports have always been a big part of her life, and when she came across Playworks and the mission, she got super excited. Coach K can’t wait to experience the love, types of sports, and leadership she can embrace in children to share with others inside and outside of school in her second year serving as an AmeriCorps member.


Coach Kurtis

Sandy Elementary

Coach Kurtis has been wanting to find a place where he could make a difference in people’s lives, and after seeing how much his best friend (Coach Heath) got out of the experience, he wanted to join Playworks. He’s excited to learn from everyone and watch as I make my own impact on the kids.


Coach Lizzie

Liberty Elementary

Coach Lizzie is from Ohio, and moved out West this past spring for the adventure and lifestyle. She has been a camp counselor/director at camps for kids with varying abilities for the past 4 years and has truly loved seeing kids enjoying the outdoors. Coach Lizzie is pumped to see kids form authentic relationships while just playing!


Coach Makayla 

Franklin Elementary

Coach Makayla is serving her first year as an AmeriCorps member and loves working with people, trying to help everyone be their best self and give back to others.


Coach Mariana 

Copperview Elementary

Coach Mariana has been working with children for six years and has loved every moment. She’s excited to be a part of something that will really make a difference in not only the children’s lives but hers as well.


Coach Marissa 

West Kearns Elementary

Coach Marissa has always loved working with kids and is a strong advocate for play as a way to success. When she heard about Playworks, her heart started to spark with excitement, and the more she learns the more excited she becomes! Coach Marissa is a teacher in the making and a student of life, and cannot wait to help kids become confident in their personal abilities to benefit their teams and communities.


Coach Mo

Jackling Elementary

Coach Morganne is serving her second year as an AmeriCorps member with Playworks, and can’t wait to build upon the foundation this program built with her kiddos last year! She is a sports fanatic and love anything with a ball, net, or hoop. She also loves to travel and wants to one day take an RV across the country. In the off chance you see Coach Morganne frowning, chocolate will always do the trick.

Coach Nellie

Pioneer Elementary

Coach Nellie is serving her second year as an AmeriCorps member with Playworks, and is looking forward to learning even more than what she did her first year! Coach Nellie hopes to continue developing meaningful relationships with those she works with, and cultivate a positive environment for all to enjoy!


Coach Nic

Flex Coach

Coach Nic is in her third year serving as an AmeriCorps member, and knows her calling in life is working with children, and doing what she can to change their lives and futures for the better. She was very excited to find Playworks and have the opportunity to join the team and continue to do what she loves.


Coach Poe

Whittier Elementary 

After graduating from Furman University in Greenville, SC, Coach Poe decided on Salt Lake City as her next destination. As she researched and learned more about AmeriCorps with Playworks and the service-oriented missions of both organizations, she quickly realized serving with Playworks was how she wanted to spend my year in Salt Lake. Coach Poe is so excited to build relationships with kids, parents, teachers, and community members as we all work together to make a difference in the lives of people and schools in the Salt Lake City community.


Coach Sarah

Flex Coach

Coach Sarah has been a swim coach for around three years and has thoroughly enjoyed it. She wanted to pursue coaching even further when she stumbled upon Playworks. She’s excited to be able to help kids grow not only physically but also help them build a sense of community. Coach Sarah is very excited to start her new adventure with Playworks.


Coach Wayne

Ascent Academy of West Valley City 

Coach Wayne believes in fitness, and loves helping people, especially young people, find a love for fitness and using their bodies and test their limits. He has worked as a swim teacher and coach for years and is excited to bring his enthusiasm for recreation and fitness to the schools.