Playworks Texas Coaches of the Month

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 Coach Will

Coach William Lindsey, Cummings Elementary

Nominated by Nia Abdallah, Program Manager:

“Will came into 2018 with a bang! His rapport with the students and staff of Cummings has really shined. Everything he touches is a success.

He works hard and from the moment he hits the campus you can see it. He modeled what Playworks at a school is supposed to look like.

Not only are kids and staff active, but they have picked up the values of Playworks in and out of recess. Great job coach Will. Keep being an awesome leader!!!!!!”



Coach Cirbey

Coach Cirbey Francis, Ridgemont Elementary

Nominated by Courtney Hill, Program Manager:

“Our February Coach of the Month is Cirbey Francis! He started this year as a Flex Coordinator visiting all of the Dream Team’s campuses until he began serving at Ridgemont Elementary. With a background in coaching sports all over Houston, Cirbey has a passion for seeing youth grow.

Since he’s been a Roadrunner, Cirbey has done nothing but bring the Playworks core values to his students! Not only does he run regular programming but has created other leagues for students.

Taking on a school in the middle of the year can be nerve racking but Coach Cirbey made it look easy. His fun personality and work ethic make him a huge asset to our team! Let’s give a big Southside Clap for Cirbey!”



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