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Playworks Texas AmeriCorps Coaches Linda Johnson and Brooklynn Lemons are creating safe and inclusive playgrounds at our partner schools, running Junior Coach Leadership Programs, and recruiting and coaching students for soccer, girls’ basketball, and volleyball sports leagues. They are making a HUGE difference through the power of play and are #gettingthingsdone.

Linda Johnson has all the qualities of a superstar coach! She is energetic, motivated, helpful, and most of all, kind-hearted. Linda has rocked her third year and has been a crucial part of the Playworks Texas team. Linda started her current year as a flex coach and provided guidance to other coaches as they developed their programs and understanding of the Playworks core values. The most prominent core values that Linda displays are healthy community and inclusion. Linda makes sure that others are comfortable and extends a helping hand whenever asked.

Linda stepped up mid-year to take over a school site and has brought new energy and games to the play space. She leads exciting Class Game Time (CTG) lessons with high participation and energy. She offers fun and challenging Junior Coach Leadership Program (JCLP) trainings with high Junior Coach participation on the playground and in the classroom. Lastly, Linda gets her league players ready for games with interactive drills and always has good music playing in the background!

Linda has extended her talents beyond her schools and has co-facilitated trainings with office staff and fellow coaches. She assisted in trainings during pre-service and has offered her unique coaching style to model CGTs and JCLP trainings. Linda supplies her peers with ideas, tools for implementation, and is never short of problem-solving strategies. She offers her help in guiding coaches and has been a source of advice for her peers.

Linda brings positive energy to everyone around her and we are lucky to have her in the Texas region! High-five to Linda for earning her superstar coach status!

– Program Manager, Kelly Hubell-Hinton

Brooklynn Lemons is a second-year AmeriCorps coach who has served as the flex coordinator for my pod this year. Brooklynn has been an indispensable part of the team. New coaches look to her for advice and guidance. Even though she visits a different school each week, her enthusiasm, playfulness, and positive attitude have made an impression on her students. Brooklynn's observations and modeling of best practices have helped improve programming across the city of Houston. She has even helped define the flex role and created procedures and routines for future flexes to follow.

Through her position as a flex, Brooklynn has taken on responsibilities such as scheduling events and running league nights, where she interacts with families in a positive manner, makes sure the games run on time, and ensures the players have fun and play safe. Brooklynn's passion and dedication to service make her a superstar AmeriCorps member. She's always willing and available for projects and events. She even serves outside of Playworks in her spare time!

A great example of Brooklynn's commitment to Playworks' core values of respect and healthy community is illustrated during a recent basketball season. Some parents were unhappy about their team's play and started to make negative comments to coaches and players. Brooklynn talked to the parents and patiently listened to their complaints before explaining that Playworks' league games are uplifting environments for the kids. Brooklynn reminded the parents to be encouraging and supportive rather than critical. After Brooklynn's chat with the parents, the rest of the game went off without a hitch and the players had a lot of fun. Brooklynn took what could have been a difficult situation and resolved it in a positive, productive manner. This is just one way she's a superstar. High-five, Brooklynn!

– Program Manager Jeffrey Drozek- Fitzwater

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