Playworks North Carolina Grows to 20 Schools!

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As we begin for our fourth school year, we are excited to continue our strong partnership in Durham and Wake Counties, serving a combined total of 20 schools and approximately 10,700 children!

We are also excited to announce we will now be serving Charlotte schools through Playworks Training. Playworks will provide expert professional development to adult educators at 26 Charlotte-Mecklenburg Elementary Schools to create a more active, inclusive and positive school environment for more than 18,600 children.

Our coaches are teaching students conflict-resolution skills, teamwork and empathy – on the playground, in the classroom and at sports leagues.

“Playworks has afforded Glenn Elementary great structure at a time where kids are at their greatest vulnerability.  Playworks does not just teach kids about games, it teaches them how to resolve conflict, and how to play with the right attitude.  Our success comes with our amazing Playworks Coach.  Any program is only as good as the person that leads it and this is certainly the case with our Playworks Coach.”- Mr. Redfearn, Glenn Elementary School, Durham, NC

Recess and healthy play support learning. Through the dedication of our coaches and staff, Playworks has successfully tackled the chaos and negative behaviors that find their way from the playground to the classroom, disrupting the teaching and learning process. Administration, teachers, and school staff reported in our 2013-14 survey:

  • 88% reported bullying at recess has decreased
  • 94% reported an increase in the level of participation in academic activities
  • 88% reported a reduction in the number of disruptive events in the classroom
  • 87% reported a positive impact on the overall school climate

Playworks NC wants to thank everyone for making it possible for us to bring safe and inclusive play to these schools. With your continued support we hope to expand the movement for more play and create a place where every kid belongs and is part of the game!


Playworks Direct Service Schools 2014-2015

Durham County

C.C. Spaulding Elementary School

E.K. Powe Elementary School

Eastway Elementary

Eno Valley Elementary School

Fayetteville Street Elementary School

Glenn Elementary School

Hope Valley Elementary School

Lakewood Elementary School

Maureen Joy Charter School

Merrick-Moore Elementary School

Parkwood Elementary School

Sandy Ridge Elementary School

W.G. Pearson Elementary School

Y.E. Smith Elementary School

Wake County

Brentwood Elementary School

Bugg Elementary School

Creech Road Elementary School

Fox Road Elementary School

Smith Elementary School

Walnut Creek Elementary School

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