A Day in the Life at William Paca Elementary

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Baltimore, MD—February 13, 2018— A cold day never stops the play. Students at William Paca Elementary School enjoyed an indoor recess by participating in fun and engaging recess games organized by their Playworks coach.

The Playworks coach facilitated recess for students ranging from pre-K to fifth grade. At the beginning of each recess, the coach used a playful chant, “Be safe, be respectful, and have fun,” as a way to prepare his students to “get in the game.”.

For Playworks, play is many kids’ best opportunity for physical activity. It is also a natural lab for social learning!  Playworks’ schools, such as William Paca Elementary, bring out the best in every kid by engaging them in safe, meaningful play.

Playworks’ top three tips:

  • Make inclusion an expectation. On our playgrounds, any child can join a game like foursquare and feel like they belong.
  • Make getting “out” fun. In a game like tag, kids can do three jumping jacks and then “recycle” back in so they get to stay active longer.
  • Go play! Students look up to us. When you play with them, you can model positive behavior and relate in new way.

Throughout recess, the students laughed and cheered each other on while participating in different play stations. The stations included games such as duck, duck goose, foursquare, circle dodgeball, and four corners.

Another station included an interactive video exercise station where students could follow dance moves from the video displayed on a projector.

Playworks not only wants to ensure students gain the physical benefits of play but that they also gain the benefit of learning. One learning aspect that was present during this recess were listening skills. It was amazing to see that in less than 10 seconds when the coach blew his whistle the children stopped what they were doing and got in line to listen and complete their cool down.

Bronte, a recess assistant for William Paca Elementary, was also there to help the coach during recess. She said that she loves Playworks, “because of the structure of the recess, and the kids look forward to going to play.”

When asked if she saw a difference in the attitudes and behaviors of the children she said “absolutely!” She further shared that with the multiple exercises the Playworks coach utilizes, she has seen only positive outcomes from having Playworks at the school.

For more information on Playworks and how to get involved visit www.playworks.org/maryland.


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