First Soccer League Season Finished!

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On Saturday, November 19, Playworks Maryland finished off our first league season of the year with soccer. One hundred students from our partner schools turned out to showcase their soccer skills that were honed over six weeks of game development. Our phenomenal coaches not only provided training, but also created a space where students could learn new skills, make new friends, and form deeper connections at school. We were grateful to Living Classrooms, our partners in play in Baltimore City, for opening their POWER Field for the day.

The day began with a huddle kickoff and a series of drills before starting the main event—our friendly developmental games of wide goal soccer and knockdown soccer. Kids of all ages showed off their soccer skills and built friendships with kids from across the city. This event marked our largest family turn out of the school year so far!

Girls basketball will be the second major league event for Playworks Maryland this year. We are excited to begin that season in February.