Playworks Baltimore Corporate Kickball Tournament 2011

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Does your company have what it takes to win the Golden Kickball?! Corporate Kickball is back and your're invited to indulge with us in an afternoon of nostalgia over green grass, a wide open field, and a big red bouncy ball. Our 4th Annual Playworks Baltimore Corporate Kickball Tournament offers businesses the chance to give back to their community while enjoying a few hours of play and bonding with co-workers.

Last year, we had a blast and this year we can’t wait to see everyone back out on the field ready to battle it out for the ultimate prize of being crowned kickball champion! Team Seawall/Hamel have been crowned the champion for two consecutive years — will your team be the one to dethrone them?! The tournament is a fun filled day with lunch provided by Outback Steakhouse and beer provided by the Field House in Canton. To make things even sweeter, Corporate Kickball means spending the day outside of the office, team building and bonding with co-workers over something besides work! You can support our efforts to bring safe play, physical activity, and conflict resolution to over 10,000 elementary students in Baltimore every school day by bringing your Corporate team out for the day.

Friends of Playworks Team
If you would like to create a team that isn't affiliated with a company, please consider a "Friends of Playworks" team. All Friends of Playworks (FOP) teams will play other FOP teams (not corporate teams) in the tournament.

Date & Time: June 11, 2011 – 11:00am – 4:00 p.m.
Location: Joseph Lee Park, 6010 E Pratt St, Baltimore, MD 21224

Register here

For more information, please email or call Amanda at 410-709-8802

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