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Playworks Baltimore coaches are gearing up to play with more than 10,000 Baltimore City students this school year in 25 schools. This year, Playworks Baltimore is playing with students at the following schools:

Alexander Hamilton Elementary
Belmont Elementary
Collington Square Elementary/Middle
Dr. Carter G. Woodson Elementary/Middle
Federal Hill Preparatory Elementary/Middle
Fort Worthington Elementary
Gardenville Elementary
George Washington Elementary
Gwynns Falls Elementary
Hamilton Elementary/Middle
Harford Heights Elementary
Harlem Park Elementary/Middle
Hilton Elementary
Lakeland Elementary/Middle
Lockerman Bundy Elementary
Maree G. Farring Elementary/Middle
Mary Ann Winterling Elementary
Midtown Academy Elementary/Middle
Moravia Park Primary School Elementary/Middle
Mt. Royal Elementary Elementary/Middle
Patterson Park Public Charter Elementary/Middle
Waverly Elementary/Middle
Westport Academy Elementary/Middle
Westside Elementary
Wolfe St. Academy Elementary

More Updates

December 4, 2019

Oregon State University Study Finds High-Quality Recess Positively Impacts Student Behaviors ›

A recent study by the Oregon State University College of Public Health and Human Services found that high-quality recess contributes to the executive function, emotional self-control, resilience, and positive classroom behavior in elementary school children. While past studies explored the benefits related to the amount of recess time, this is the first study to address…

November 14, 2019

Playworks Mid-Atlantic’s Real Players Don’t Bully Event 2019 ›

  For the past two years, Playworks Mid-Atlantic has been teaming up with Google’s Be Internet Awesome campaign to work towards inclusivity and anti-bullying on the playground and the internet. Our Let’s End Bullying event was held in downtown Washington D.C. and consisted of a keynote given by John Gomperts of America’s Promise Alliance, as…

November 7, 2019

Give Kids the Childhood They Deserve ›

When kids feel included and supported at recess, they’re more likely to thrive in school and in life. Everyone deserves a chance to become the best possible version of themselves. Kids need us to make that possible for them.  Not all kids feel like they fit in at school. Feeling safe and like you belong is…