Play Partners

Making safe and healthy play a reality for all kids across the country will require changing the way key decision-makers, and our society as a whole, value play. We are looking for play partners invested in joining us in this endeavor

We are happy to meet with your team and learn about your goals and vision, in turn aligning our offerings with your goals for greatest impact.  

To discuss a shared-value relationship contact Jennifer Oxley at

We thank are current play partners for their great work:



 Capitol Hill Community Foundation, founded in 1989 and located in D.C., is a nonprofit organization that support activities, projects and groups that enrich the lives of residents in the area. Their proceeds are entirely donated to efforts that benefit the community and have raised $6.6 million in funding for a wide range of projects. Playworks D.C. appreciates Capitol Hill Community Foundation supporting our mission to promote the power of play in schools across America.


 The Clark-Winchole Foundation, founded in 2001 and located in Bethesda, MD, is involved in the health care sector. Their foundation focuses on giving to higher education, hospitals and other health agencies, cultural programs, social service and youth agencies, and Protestant and Roman Catholic church support. Playworks D.C. appreciates Clark-Winchcole Foundation supporting us in promoting the power of play in schools across America.


 The Corina Higginson Trust, founded in and located in MD, makes gifts primarily for the benefit of the Washington, DC, metropolitan area for charitable and educational purposes. Our non-profit, Playworks DC, appreciates the support of Corina Higginson Trust making it possible to promote healthy play in children in schools across America.


The Greater Washington Community Foundation was started in 2011 and is  located in Maryland. Their organization manages more than 700 different non-profit organizations across America.


 The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation was founded in 1948. Their foundation strives to build a stronger community for residents in the D.C. region through support of programs in the arts and humanities, community services, education, health and the environment. Our nonprofit Playworks DC appreciates the support of the Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation in helping us promote the power of play in children in schools across America.’


 The Richard E. and Nancy P. Marriott Foundation was founded in 1999 and is located in Maryland. Their organization is an investment firm that aids in bettering the metropolitan D.C. area through supporting local partnerships. Playworks D.C. branch appreciates the support of the Richard E. & Nancy P. Marriott Foundation making it possible to promote the power of play in American youth in schools across America.


 The Robert and Mercedes Eichholz Foundation was founded in 2011 to support the arts through grant-making. Their mission is to continually support the arts in all forms as well as arts education. Our nonprofit organization, Playworks D.C., appreciates the Robert and Mercedes Eichholz Foundation’s support in helping us promote the power of play in children in schools across America and the DC region.  



Adam Hulbig Household

Brendan Hurley Household

Charles Comer Household

Christopher Gomes Household

Daryl chin-Fatt Household

Emily Weems Household

Erica Johnson Household

Erin Comer Household

Erwin and Fran Isman Household

Gerad Taylor Household

Kim Guarino Bulger Household

Matt Rechler Household

Matthew Korn and Cynthia Miller Household

Michael Isman Household

Null Anonymous Household

Scott and Carol Ann Smallwood Household

Shahab Peacock Café Household

Tochukwu Okasi-Nwozo Household

Tonia Bleecher Household

Zachary Bartscherer Household

Please contact us if you are interested in joining us alongside our existing partners to make safe and healthy play a reality for many more kids across the country.