Want to join us in our efforts to create a place for every kid on the playground a place where every kid belongs, has fun and is part of the game? We aim for 3.5 million children in 7,000 elementary schools nationwide to experience safe, healthy play every day . . . and we need your help. Play partners and corporate partners play a critical part in helping us achieve this goal.

Play Partners

Given the expansive nature of our vision, Playworks will need to engage other like-minded organizations to contribute toward our goals over the coming years. Our play partners align with our mission and values and are ready to jump in to help achieve safe and healthy play. Learn more about our play partners.



Corporate Partners

Playworks offers a unique opportunity to showcase your corporate values and directly impact kids through recess and play. Playworks creates an infrastructure for cooperation, teamwork, and academic success that will resonate with your stakeholders and customers. Learn more about our corporate partnerships.

Local Engagement Opportunities

Engage your team. Playworks DMV wants to help you turn your employees into community game-changers. We facilitate custom volunteer engagements throughout the year, each of which includes activities for your staff to participate and create long-lasting positive change. Our expert and energetic staff will train, support, and empower your employees to make an impact in our community while also having a great time together.


Year-long Opportunities

  • Adopt a School
  • DMV Junior Coach Leadership Program
  • The Kindness Series(all events from November – June 2019)
  • Public/Private Partnerships




School-based Opportunities

  • Playspace beautification allows employees to create dramatic visual and practical changes in our region’s schools through activities such as playground overhaul and beautification, mural paintings, and indoor playspace refurbishments. Join us in reviving a playspace and transform recess!
  • School Play Days provide employees the opportunity to engage directly with local kids in Playworks partner schools, energizing education by modeling and facilitating healthy, active, inclusive play.
  • Corporate Recess  fosters increased employee satisfaction and collaboration. It is an interactive, customizable, non-traditional approach to help you achieve your diversity and inclusion goals in a way that is meaningful and fun for your team.

Corporate Kickball

Your corporate group can field a winning team, or individual employees can be winners as tournament-day volunteers.

By participating in Corporate Kickball, your company can:

  • Increase Employee Engagement: Corporate Kickball offers a team-building opportunity outside the office that is inclusive, collaborative and fun!
  • Raise Visibility: Title sponsors are recognized with logo placement on the Playworks website, annual report, newsletter, and other collateral.
  • Support the Local Community: Money raised from Corporate Kickball sponsorships goes back to our community to support our efforts to bring safe and inclusive play to more kids. The majority of your sponsorship fee is tax deductible.


Some Past Event Opportunities



At Playworks DMV, we understand that we must go beyond the traditional agenda of school beautification, corporate recesses, play days, and public-private partnerships to increase and expanded our impact. Playworks is a proven program with a 20+ year track record of success.

We are happy to meet with your team and learn about your vision, in turn aligning our offerings with your goals for greatest impact.To discuss a shared-value relationship contact Jennifer Oxley at jennifer.oxley@playworks.org.