VA Recess Law Roundtable & Press Conference

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The Results are In!

We had an exciting full day of support for the new VA Recess Recess Law with key Virginia legislators, educators and supporters of safe and healthy play on August 7, 2018 in Richmond, VA. The day opened with a roundtable session hosted at the RMHF followed by a press conference at The Bon Secours Redskins Training Center with VA Senator Chap Petersen, the VA Governor, and PlayworksDMV Junior Coach stars, Ivone and Haneefah.


  1. Group photo of Junior Coaches (Center), Panelists and Attendees from VA Recess Lunch-n- Learn
  2. Recess Lunch N Learn Panel (L to R):  Jennifer Oxley, Barbara Larrimore, Andy Jacks, Maggie Hansford, Delegate Mark Keam  
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This Issue Resonates with So Many

See the Channel News 8 Media Story


Junior Coach Story:  Why Recess Matters

  • Ivone , the 10 year old press conference speaker, convinced her family to end their Canadian vacation short and they drove 15 hrs to be at the event on August 7.  
  • At the press conference, Ivone highlighted an important story of teamwork on the recess yard and an incredible need for enough safe & healthy recess time, plus it’s fun!
  • Her leadership experience as a Playworks junior coach led her to being able to speak the VA Law press conference hosted by the Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation.

Panelists including Delegate Mark Keam, Barbara Larrimore, Andy Jacks, Maggie Hansford and Jennifer Oxley tackled a variety of topics including an overview of the new law’s requirements, expanding implementation to all VA counties through local school boards and best practices for implementation safe & healthy play at the school level.  


Four Key TakeAways and Next Steps

  1. Four County School Boards (PW, Fairfax, Loudoun and Alexandria) have already provided guidelines to implement the new VA Recess Law.  We encourage all school boards to release official guidance in the coming months.  Special thanks to the parents at More Recess in PW County and recess bill co-sponsors Senator Chap Petersen and Delegate Karrie Delaney for starting the grassroots campaign that secured the new VA law!
  2. Yesterday’s panelists confirmed counting recess as instructional time and additional flexibility in the day is incredibly beneficial.  How does this work in reality?  See the advocacy toolkit.
  3. There was unanimous agreement that critical learning transpires inside and outside the classroom at school.  Developing social and emotional skills as well as increased physical activity are critical components to developing a whole child.  
  4. Teacher participation, inclusivity, safety, and time remain some of the top challenges with administering a strong recess.  Utilizing the Playworks Recess Check Up provides a baseline assessment and starting point to make enhancements.

We look forward to partnering with DMV legislators, parents, school administrators, principals and educators to expand safe & healthy play for all children.  


Jennifer Oxley, Playworks DMV Executive Director
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