Playworks Texas Coaches of the Month

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 Coach Kain

Coach Kain, Horn Elementary

Nominated by Nia Abdallah, Program Manager:

“This month, Alyssa or Coach Kain has really shined. Her work ethic and skills have taken Horn Elementary to the next level. She always goes above and beyond and we can always count on her to host a league or training. Anytime I have something new for her, she has already started working on it. From CEI, to leagues, to service projects, Coach Kain is always there working hard. She has mastered the art of stepping up and stepping back while pushing her team to excel.

“Even the teachers are motivated to do more at her school. She is proactive about giving teachers extra resources when there is indoor recess or when she can’t be on campus. Coach Kain has created a Playworks environment that can be sustained even outside of her physical presence. On top of that, the kids and teachers just really enjoy the energy the she brings everyday. Shout out to Coach Kain!!! Keep on rocking it out!”


Coach Tesha

Coach Tesha, Youens Elementary

Nominated by Courtney Hill, Program Manager:

“In her first semester at Youens Elementary, “Coach Tesha” has completely won the hearts and minds of students. She builds rapport with every class game time, and always ensures plenty of time to play.

“Her easy-going persona and upbeat attitude also make her a fan favorite among fellow Playworkers. When Playworks staff attended some of her recesses for a funsie, everyone left with huge smiles on their faces. But she doesn’t stop at students and Playworkers! Tesha has earned high praise from her principal, who notes that this year the program is off to a great start.

“From staff agreements to Playworks core values visuals, Coach Tesha’s dedication to Playworks mission is truly making an impact on the Youens campus. 3 snaps and a clap for Tesha! YOU ROCK!!”