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Studies on Play

MLA University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Science Daily

As school districts across the nation revamped curricula to meet requirements of the federal  “No Child Left Behind” Act, opportunities for children to be physically active during the school day diminished significantly.

Ann Rosewater
Team Up For Youth

In these tough times, budgets everywhere are being slashed. And youth sports may seem to some like an easy item to put on the chopping block. 

Cochrane Researchers

School-based exercise programs increase the time children spend exercising and reduce the time spent watching television — reducing blood cholesterol levels and improving fitness.

Alliance for Childhood

Kindergarteners are under intense pressure to meet testing standards while also being denied play time, leading to a rise in aggression and behavioral problems.

Romina M. Barros, MD, Ellen J. Silver, PhD and Ruth E. K. Stein, MD

Children in urban, low-income schools are less likely to have recess than students in other schools. Teachers cite improved behavior in the classroom when students have recess. Daily School Recess Improves Classroom Behavior