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Movement Name Game

Before You Start: 

Skills Practiced: Repetition and memorization

  • Have the whole group stand in a circle.
  • Demonstrate how to speak loudly while doing a large movement.
    • Have everyone repeat your name and movement.
How to Play: 
  • The first person begins the circle rotation by loudly saying his/her name while at the same time doing a movement.
  • The whole group repeats back the name and movement.
  • The next student says her/his name and does a movement of his/her own.
  • Again whole group repeats back her name and movement.
  • This call and response continues around the circle until everyone has gotten a turn.
  • For a second rotation specify the kind of movement the students are to make- must leave the ground, must land on one foot, must spin around, etc.
  • Pre-K: Send students into the middle of the circle to do their movement so everyone can see.
Development Goal(s): 

To learn everyone’s name