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Ants on a Log

Before You Start: 
  • Have everyone stand on a line.
  • Number the players from one to ten (or depending on how many are playing).
Set Up: 

Identify a line on the ground to play on.

How to Play: 
  • Once everyone in line in specific order, the object of the game is to get the whole group to switch positions on the line without falling off the line.
  • If the first player is on the left end of the line, he or she should end up on the right end of the line.
  • The order of the players should remain exactly how it was before, only in reverse.
  • Split the players into two groups. They should be standing on the line facing the other group. 
  • The object is to have the two groups switch places while staying in the same order.
  • Vary the width of the line with a wider line being easier or vary the distance of the playing area from the ground to add a challenge. 
Game Tags: 
Development Goal(s): 

To develop strategic thinking and cooperation.