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Alligator Swamp Trail

Before You Start: 
  • Make sure everyone understand the goal is to stay on the line (swamp trail).
  • Talk about how to pay attention to the person in front you so they don’t accidentally knock their teammate off the trail. 
Set Up: 

Use existing lines on the yard or create them using jump ropes.

How to Play: 
  • Give a description that you and the group are now entering the alligator swamp, 
  • To stay safe they must stay on the line, but if they step off they could get their foot chomped on by an alligator. Make sure to be dramatic to make it more fun, 
  • Have the children follow you around the swamp and tell them if you see an alligator near them!

Change the swamp into anything you can imagine (shark tank/volcano lava).

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Age Group: 
Development Goal(s): 

To develop balance.