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4-Square Switch

Before You Start: 
  • Designate a place for the line to start.
  • Explain the rules of the game.
  • Run a practice round.
  • Check that everyone understand.
Set Up: 

Same setup as standard four square.

How to Play: 
  • Play starts with a serve from player in square number 4 (or letter A).
  • After the ball bounces in a square but before the player hits it, they can call out another number (1-4) or letter (A, B, C, or D) to switch with.
  • These two players must switch squares.
  • After switching the players must play any ball in their new square.
  • The same rules apply as standard four square; if players don’t continue the play of the ball they go to the end of the line.
  • Restrict how many switches can occur in a round (1 per student, 5 per round).
Group Size: 
Development Goal(s): 

To develop verbal communication, conflict resolution, and eye-hand coordination