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21 Football

Before You Start: 
  • Split group into two teams and use different colored jerseys to distinguish each team.
  • Remind kids to keep their head and eyes up to prevent running into another person.
Set Up: 
  • Designate a large rectangular play area with clear boundaries and four or more zones marked lengthwise by cones. 
How to Play: 
  • The object of the game is for teams to score 21 points by completing passes in different areas of the field.
  • One team begins on the line of scrimmage and attempts to complete a pass within a zone to score points.
  • The teams switch from offense to defense after every four passes.
  • All players must stay within the field.
  • The defending team will cover the offensive team players and try to hold them to as few points as possible.
  • The quarterback must stand behind the line of scrimmage.
  • Points are scored for a catch at certain positions on the field and are determined by the zone in which the ball is caught, not where the player runs.
  • If a defensive team intercepts (catches) the ball from the offensive team, the defensive team scores three points.
  • Also called "In the Zone"
Game Tags: 
Development Goal(s): 

To practice catching and throwing while being defended and defending areas of a field.