Internships | Playworks

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Volunteer Internship

  • Unpaid internship positions
  • 3-6 month commitment
  • Flexible with work and school schedules
  • Roles vary based on location
  • Must fit all required criteria to apply

Paid Internship

  • Receive a stipend or completion award
  • Amount and roles varies based on location
  • 6-12 month commitment with flexible schedule
  • Must fit all required criteria to apply



  • Grant-funded fellowship positions
  • 6-12 month commitment
  • Roles vary based on location and grants available
  • Must fit all required criteria to apply

Why intern at Playworks?

An internship at Playworks offers experiential learning that integrates learned theory, practical application, and skills development in a professional setting.

While supporting Playworks’ mission, vision, and aim, interns gain valuable experience, make connections in professional fields, and receive mentoring and guidance by Playworks staff.

Become part of a team that is providing safe, healthy play to children in elementary school, helping to foster a positive school culture.

What types of internships do we offer?

Playworks offers unpaid & paid internships, depending on the location. Playworks also offers fellowships funded through grant opportunities. Internships generally last 3-12 months while fellowships generally last 6-12 months (depending on the grant).

Where can you work?

Interns can explore opportunities in any of our 23 regions.

Trying to make your already sharp skills even sharper?

Playworks will partner interns with mentors that provide valuable advice and inspire you to meet challenges and achieve success. Additionally, we will offer professional development training that will be focused on your career interests or skill development.

What happens when you complete your internship?

Successful interns have the opportunity to explore our open staff positions as a potential career path and growth opportunity. Playworks is actively creating partnerships with various colleges and universities to offer internships across our regions geared toward supporting higher education requirements. Most of all, you will have the option to stay engaged with their mentor and receive professional references to support you as you move forward.