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Join Our Team FAQ

How do I apply for a position at Playworks? 

To apply for a position with Playworks, please click on our Join the Team link. You can choose between our different types of positions:


A resume and cover letter are required for all positions.

  • Acceptable resume formats include: PDF (.pdf), MS Word (.doc), Plain Text (.txt), Rich Text Format (.rtf), and/or HTML (.htm/.html).
  • Any job-specific attachments that are required will be noted in the job description.
  • For PDF files, please be sure the PDF is text-based vs. character-based in order to ensure your resume is uploaded to your profile.

What benefits does Playworks offer?

Benefits for Playworks AmeriCorps Members:

See AmeriCorps FAQ.

Benefits for other Playworks staff:

Playworks provides employees with the following paid holidays during the year: Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, 2 days for Thanksgiving, the week from Christmas Eve through New Year’s Day and Your Birthday. Employees may also take 2 additional Floating Holidays during the year to observe holidays. Playworks employees are also eligible for a paid Service Day if you participate in a service program that is at least 4 hours long.

We provide vacation leave for rest, relaxation, and renewal to all regular full-time working 30 hours or more per week, except school site staff. The amount of vacation earned by full-time employee’s increases with length of qualifying service:

Length of Service

Days per Year

Hours Accrued per Pay Period

0 through 2 years



2 through 5 years



5 or more years



Sick leave accrues each pay period at one-twenty fourth of an employee’s annual sick eligibility which is 72 hours per year.

Within 30 days of full-time employment, all regular full-time employees are eligible to enroll in our health, dental and vision insurance plans, employer paid life insurance and long-term and short-term disability insurance. We also have a voluntary supplemental life insurance program. Coverage under and participation in these plans begin the first day of the month after your 30 days of full-time employment eligibility.

During orientation you will be offered a choice of health insurance plans so you may select the one that best fits your needs, including 3 Blue Shield PPO plans and 3 Kaiser HMo plans.

Finally, Playworks employees can contribute eligible pretax earnings and realize tax savings by enrolling in flexible spending accounts for eligible health care, dependent care, and commuter expenses and a 401k retirement plan with 3% employer match to save for your retirement.

Another great benefit of working at Playworks is time to play! We schedule regular recess time for ourselves and have annual holiday parties, Summer BBQ, Appreciation events, etc. We truly believe in Healthy Play and Healthy Community for ourselves as well as the children and communities we serve!

Can I use my existing profile to apply to multiple jobs?

Yes, to apply using an existing profile, click on the job listing that you are interested in. Below the job description, select “Existing Resume/CV” and log into your profile when prompted. Once you have logged in, look at the submittal history where you will see the previous applications and click “Submit this profile” to the right. This will submit your information for the next application. If you are presented with an Electronic Application form, your previous answers will still be populated. Continue through the form and update, as needed. Once you click “Submit and Continue,” you will receive a confirmation that the application was submitted.

Can I apply by just sending in my resume?

Due to the volume of requests, we only review applicants that have registered with us in our OpenHire (RECRUIT) applicant tracking system. We request that you take the time to create an online profile. Creating an online profile allows you to upload your resume and cover letter, attach links with additional work or transcripts. This also ensures we have your information on file. A conver letter and resume are required for review.

To whom can I address my resume or cover letter?

Resumes and cover letters are not accepted via email or US mail, only through our OpenHire (RECRUIT) online application system. When drafting your cover letter please address it to “Playworks”. Each department has a team of recruiters and hiring managers that work together as a team to screen our applicants.

What should I do if the job I'm looking for is not listed?

If you do not see the exact position that you are interested in, you can use our job agent feature. Creating a job agent is an optional feature designed for those who haven’t found exactly what they are looking for. It allows people to search for and identify skill-based matches even if the exact job they were hoping to find wasn’t listed in a way they could easily identify. This feature can help candidates stay up to date with Playworks’ hiring needs and identify new jobs as they become available. If you would like to use this feature, please go to our career page and click on Create a Job Agent. This will open up a user-friendly tool that will guide you through a relatively quick process.                     

Why am I having trouble logging into my profile?

Some applicants experience problems logging into their profile because the system is case sensitive; for example, if someone sets up their email address with any uppercase letters they will need to do the same to log in. We recommend that you keep a record of your log-in information for future use. If you lose your password, PLAYWORKS does not have access to your information and you must request a password reset by email. Please be aware that the system has been set up to prevent duplicate profiles from being created, and deleting/retiring your profile’s information cannot be substituted for resetting your password.

Why is it that when I click on the "create a profile" link that I remain on the career home page?

This error can occur whenever pop-ups are blocked. Please enable your pop-ups and then clear your privacy preferences: clear your recent search history, cookies, cache, and offline website data. In most systems you will then be required to shut down temporarily in order for these changes to take effect.

I am having difficulties removing my old resume from my profile. Should I just withdraw my application and start over?

When you click the "delete" icon to the left of the attachment it will actually remove the file from the system; it just does not reflect this in the candidate view. PLAYWORKS will only have access to the replacement file. Please do not withdraw your application when switching out your resume. This will remove you from any of our active searches, and will prevent any future notifications. In general it is not necessary to remove any older information from a profile. Please just update your profile with new attachments. The newer information will appear first in your application when reviewed by our team.

What if I receive a "current action temporarily unavailable" message directly after uploading a resume?

This typically occurs only when your resume file name is either too long, or contains special symbols such as parentheses, asterisks, slashes, etc. If you reduce the file name to less than 14 characters and remove any symbols from the file name, the issue will be resolved.

Why won't my PDF cover letter attach to my profile?

Please be aware that while our system has been designed to provide neutral service, some browsers and systems perform less optimally during the application process. Additionally it has come to our attention that there is a known issue with all versions of Firefox for Windows and how it interacts with Flash based file uploaders. Applicants utilizing Firefox browser on Windows OS or anyone else who can't select their PDF document should look to upload their cover letters and other materials in non-PDF file extensions (.txt, .rtf, .doc, .docx, .html), or switch to one of the supported browsers below.



Apple Safari

6.0.5 on Mac

Google Chrome


Mozilla Firefox


Internet Explorer

7-9, 10 (Win7)

*Other versions have known issues when rendering the application.

What should I do if I am unable to advance to "Step 2" of the application process?

This problem is specific to the IE11 browser and does not occur in Chrome and Firefox. As a work around, please switch browsers.

What should I do if I experience any other technical difficulties with my online application?

Be aware that there is a 45-minute time limit to complete the application or it will error out. People with Macs sometimes experience difficulties uploading documents as they can retain additional HTML coding that overloads the fields. This can be remedied by clearing the privacy preferences: clear recent search history, cookies, cache, and offline website data. In most systems you will then be required to shut down temporarily in order for these changes to take effect. If you require additional guidance or experience any other technical difficulties, please contact Recruiting at .

How do I know if a position has been closed or if I am no longer in consideration?

Playworks will only contact you if it is determined your skills and experience match the position and we are interested in an interview. As a policy, Playworks takes  job listings off of the Playworks site once a decision has become finalized. If you do not see the listing anymore, we urge you to look at other open positions.

Are Playworks internships paid?

We currently only offer unpaid or for credit internships.

If you've read all of the FAQS and still have a question, please contact: