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Introducing Switch – the iPhone application!

Can you make it to the corner in time? Then it's time to Switch!Playworks has ported the classic playground game to a new play space. And now you can race to the corner on your iPhone or iPod touch (both are registered trademarks of Apple). 

Switch is now available through Apple’s application store. And it’s free. You can download the game here, and start playing. The game works in single-player mode, or you can challenge your friends to play against you on your iPhone.

Switch is a staple on the playgrounds of Playworks’ schools. This fun, fast-moving game encompasses our core values – respect, inclusion, healthy play and healthy community. The game is resembles Musical Chairs, with multiple players dashing to claim a corner before their competitor gets there. Players enter the game on the center x.  When the command switch! is called, they race to any unoccupied corner. In a tie, players do a quick game of rock paper scissors to settle. The emphasis is on positive encouragement for all participants –win or lose.

We hope you enjoy playing Switch on your iPhone or iTouch. Please tell your friends to download Playworks’ Switch, share what you enjoyed about the game and continue to support our organization.

Playworks thanks the Peery Foundation for supporting our efforts to create this application, and Adducive Studios for its production.