Playworks brings out the best in every kid, through play.

In partnership with teachers, principals, and parents, we build a culture of play that enables kids to feel a real sense of belonging and have the opportunity to contribute on the playground, in the classroom, and into their communities. A randomized control trial found that compared to students at similar schools, Playworks students were more physically active and teachers reported that students had greater feelings of school safety and less bullying behavior.

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We’ve gone from kind of dreading teaching the period right after recess to it being a very productive academic time.

Audra Philippon


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May 10, 2017

How Canyons School District Improved Outcomes District-Wide With Playworks ›

When Utah introduced new state PE standards in 2015, Canyons knew they needed to act quickly. At the same time, they didn’t want to lose sight of their highest-priority strategies for their 29 schools. “We were really addressing four things at once,” recalls Allan Whitmore, Canyons’ evidence based learning specialist. “In addition to common teacher…

February 3, 2016

Not-So-Junior Coach Matthew ›

When Playworks—then Sports4Kids—coach Max Langaard arrived at Manzanita school, Matthew Bailey was a shy third-grader. At home, he’d try to stay out of everyone’s way, and at school, he rarely spoke up during class. But Coach Max saw him differently. He saw leadership potential in Matthew and encouraged him to sign-up to be a junior coach.   Under Coach…

April 29, 2016

Becoming Loudy ›

When Julia Masur transferred to Adelante Spanish Immersion School in Redwood City halfway through second grade, most of the kids had been together since kindergarten. “I didn’t have a ton of friends,” says Julia, “and it was hard adjusting. I wasn’t a super social kid—I was kind of a nerd—and it was a challenge for…

Annual Survey

Teachers, principals, and other school staff at Playworks schools complete an annual survey, which gives Playworks both quantitative and qualitative data about the changes in student behavior and school environment that have occurred as a result of Playworks programming. Playworks analyzes survey results at the school, regional and national levels. As a result of the feedback we receive, Playworks updates and improves our services to better fit the needs of every school.


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Reports & Research

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School Recess and Group Classroom Behavior

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