Ms. Mary Rogers | Playworks

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Ms. Mary Rogers

Hamlin Garland School

Ms. Rogers is a second grade teacher at Hamlin Garland School, where she strives each day to promot our core values of respect, inclusion, healthy play and healthy community. Ms. Rogers always participates in Playworks activities. She models perfect student behavior, and makes sure everyone is participating and included in every aspect of her weekly class game time and at recess. She is often the teacher on duty at recess and makes it a point to stop at every game station to check in on students. Ms. Rogers is as cool as a cucumber, even during stressful situations. She never raises her voice. She is fair, altruistic, and creates a healthy community wherever she goes. She's an advocate for Playworks, always checking in with her coach and consistently offering to lend a helping hand.

“When Ms. Rogers is outside, I feel like I have another coach at recess!” - Coach Steph, Garland Elementary