Madelyn Collins | Playworks

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Madelyn Collins

Elm Creative Arts School and Allen-Field Elementary

My name is Madelyn Collins. I am a junior at Marquette University studying exercise physiology and physical therapy. I currently intern at two Playworks schools, Elm Creative Arts School and Allen-Field Elementary. My favorite game to play at recess is definitely kickball!

I decided to intern at Playworks because I wanted to help kids in my community have a more fun and enjoyable school experience. Beyond that, I knew that the kids would teach me valuable lessons, and it’s a blessing to meet and hang out with such a diverse group of students each week. During my internship, I hope to make a positive impact on as many kids as I can. I always strive to make sure everyone is equally included, which I think is one of the most important aspects of healthy play at recess. I also hope to improve my leadership skills and have a fun time doing it!

My most memorable Playworks moment so far was my first Class Game Time (CGT) playing Steal the Bacon at Allen-Field with the 5th graders. This CGT reflected all of Playworks core values. Everybody was included, had positive attitudes, had a blast, learned valuable lessons about taking turns, and the teacher played too. It was a model CGT and I strive to make all CGTs I participate in look like that one.

After I finish my undergraduate degree next December, I’ll be moving on to graduate school to get my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. I hope to do some traveling right after finishing school, and eventually settle down out west as a physical therapist.