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JC William

Junior Coach
Siefert Elementary

My name is William and I am a junior coach at Siefert Elementary School in Milwaukee. I am in the fifth grade and my favorite game at recess is 3 line basketball. As a junior coach, it is my job to make sure that kids are being safe, respectful, and responsible on the playground. I help Coach Tony make sure people feel safe and have fun at recess.

I like being a junior coach because I get more responsibilities. Being a leader helps me stay out of trouble, and I get to help little kids be better. While serving at my school I learned that fighting doesn’t solve anything, and that I can do anything I put my mind to.

I can see a change since having Playworks at our school. Now kids don’t get into trouble a lot, there are way less fights and no more gang activity. Plus, the games at recess have more structure. I love my coach too. He is fun but stern, gives me a lot of freedom and rewards me for doing well. His consequences are always fair.