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Meet our 2016-2017 Playworks Coaches!

Ant James

School site: Elm Creative Arts

Favorite game: Hula Hoop Tag

"Working with kids is a passion of mine and I truly believe in the Power of Play that Playworks is utilizing to change the communities we live in and empowering our youth to make solid decisions that can enhance their lives."


Austin Moye

School site: Flex

Favorite game: Hot Shot Soccer

"Being outside has always been a way for me to find peace within myself.  If I can I would love to spread my love for outdoors to the playground so the children can pick up on it. To me recess is one of the most important aspects of school. Kids have so many distractions that can suppress their social life from being as great as it should be. REcess is where kids can be themselves while playing crazy wacky games, learning goofy funny cheers, and making lifelong friends."


B. Tucker

School site: Siefert

Favorite game: Champions vs. Challengers

"One thing that drew me to become a Playworks Coach was the mission and vision of the organization. I believe all kids should be able to feel safe and encouraged at school. Creating a positive school and recess environment encourages kids to rock out and have fun no matter what skill level, age, or gender they are."


Bianca Gaspardo

School site: Hopkins Lloyd Community School

Favorite Game: Rhythm Master

"In my free time I love playing team sports and practicing yoga. I am excited to get to know my friends better here at Hopkins Lloyd...as well as master being THE Chi Master."



Clarissa Evans

School site: Rogers Street Academy

Favorite game: Chi Master

"I have always had a passion for working with students and empowering them. With Playworks I get to empower them through Play. The program itself has so many opportunities built into it to allow for students to be leaders on the playground. I truly live by the saying our youth is our most powerful weapon. Let's continue to empower them to be the next leaders."


Courtney Gonnering

School site: Ninety-Fifth Street

Favorite game: Kickball

"I’m very passionate about youth development, play, and creativity which is why Playworks was the perfect fit for me! I especially enjoy working to create a collaborative climate that is positive, inclusive, and empowering. Plus, who wouldn’t want to play at recess everyday? I love playing games and I hope that students will find my energy infectious!"



Kim Loney

School site: Milwaukee French Immersion

Favorite game: Hula Hoop Tag

"Playworks gives everyone involved the opportunity to learn, grow, and collaborate. We don’t just realize things about ourselves, but about others around us, as well as our school and its culture. Through collaboration, there are endless opportunities for us to succeed and go above and beyond what we ever thought was possible."


Maggie Shanahan

School site: Lloyd Barbee Montessori

Favorite game: Rumble in the Jungle Tag

"I love contributing to a positive school community and HAVING FUN! I’m excited to empower students to become leaders on the playground, and get to know everyone at Lloyd Barbee!"


Mark Sullivan

School site: Pierce Elementary School

Favorite game: Soccer

"Seeing the eyes of the kids light up when they see that Playworks logo on your shirt makes all the difficult stuff worth it, and helps you push through if you’re having a difficult day. When I walk out onto that playground I’m looked at like a rock star, and I want to be able to make each and every one of those kids feel like they’re rock stars too."


Maryann Walbert

School site: Albert Story School

Favorite game: Kickball

"I have always enjoyed getting to know others while playing sports or other games. It wasn’t until later that I realized how many skills I learned through those interactions with my peers and adults in my life. I wanted to be a Playworks Coach so that I could be a part of orchestrating those relationships and developing lifelong skills in a fun, meaningful way."

Melissa Luke

School site: Allen-Field

Favorite game: Four Square

"I have always loved working with kids, and I truly believe that by empowering our youth we can better our communities and our world.  I want all kids to feel positive about themselves and have an awesome time during recess."