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Mr. Rayburn

Cesar Chavez Elementary

Robert Rayburn exemplifies the role of a recess rock star through his tireless work in spreading the impact of the Playworks program and the power of play. After hearing about the program during a radio interview on NPS, he realized this was what he had been looking for and sought to have a Playworks presence on his campus. Upon seeing the positive effect the program had on students, staff and the change in the culture of the school, he became an advocate of the program in the community. He has begun to realize the shared vision of having Playworks in every school by championing Playworks to peers in his school district. As a result, the 2013-2014 school year will see more schools with a Playworks’ direct service program and Playworks training. His enthusiasm has enabled more children to have the opportunity to play in a safe, healthy environment.

Furthermore, he became a mentor to his Playworks coach, Luciano Mondolo, and through his recommendation, Luciano was awarded the 2012 AmeriCorps member of the year for the state of California. Mr. Rayburn’s involvement with Playworks  was deepened during the 2012-2013 school year by becoming a local board member. In this additional role, he helps guide the strategic growth of the organization in Southern California.

Although Mr. Rayburn began his involvement with Playworks  as a principal, his constant attendance at league nights, special events, help with potential funders and an all-around advocate for the program has helped solidify our presence in Southern California.