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Joshua Farol

Norwalk-La Mirada

Playworks volunteer Joshua Farol is a media supervisor at New and Improved Media. He grew up playing basketball from 2nd grade through high school. Farol works full-time, and wanted to be more active in the community where he lives and works. Coach Jason invited him to volunteer in developmental sports leagues for the Norwalk-La Mirada Unifed School District, and he signed up right away. He also recently committed to service for the Air National Guard, and wanted to do more volunteer service before going to boot camp. As a volunteer for developmental sports leagues once a week and Saturdays for Jamborees and Extravaganzas, Farol helps referee games and does a little bit of coaching.

Since being a Playworks volunteer, Farol’s favorite league game is girls basketball. He has enjoyed watching Coach Jason’s school’s basketball team grow during the whole season from the not doing so well in their first game to seeing how excited they were playing in their last game. “It’s fun working with the kids, and cool giving back to the community,” said Farol.

-Program Manager Alejandra Liera (aka Coach Purple)