Mrs. Dietrich-Wynne | Playworks

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Mrs. Dietrich-Wynne

Lyndale Elementary

Healthy community is not just a core value for Principal Gretchen, it’s a way of life. Lyndale Elementary has had Playworks for three years and each year she goes above and beyond to integrate Lyndale’s community with the Playworks culture.

Mrs. Gretchen heavily relies on and seeks the advice of her Playworks coach to provide students and staff with direction in maintaining a positive school climate in and out of the classroom.  For example, when a new student arrives at Lyndale, Mrs. Gretchen and her Playworks coach meet with the student to explain expectations surrounding academics, in-class behavior, recess dynamics, and everyday positive conduct.  

Mrs. Gretchen is always eager to meet recess visitors and express her pleasure with the Playworks program, the positivity of her coach, and the difference it has made in the lives of her students.  Needless to say, Mrs. Gretchen is the ultimate Playworks champion!