Harry | Playworks

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Cleveland Elementary School

The culture of Playworks is taking over at Cleveland Elementary School.  Not only are the playground and classrooms experiencing this phenomenon, but our entire community is engaged in it.  In fact, because Playworks’ core values and practices are applicable both on and off the playground, families and friends are finding that our approach is appropriate for solving the problems and issues that arise in our daily lives.

The best example comes from Harry, my student and friend.  Harry is an amazingly charismatic and genuine kindergartener. One morning before school, Harry’s mother approached me to let me know how Playworks was affecting her son. Apparently, Harry and his mother battled each morning over what was appropriate to wear to school. His mom tried to find a solution to end this daily argument with Harry, but to her chagrin, there was no end in sight.However, Harry had an outstanding idea one morning!  He decided that, just like on the playground, he could solve this daily spat by using Playworks’ most famous conflict resolution tool: Ro-Sham-Bo.

Harry's mother was excited that because of Ro-Sham-Bo, she and Harry now easily solve their daily morning disagreement. When she found me on the playground to tell me of this triumph, I could see the look of happiness and relief.  

It was great to hear how Playworks is helping families off the playground, and that my little friends are the catalysts responsible for this change.