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Playworks’ corporate partners leverage our organization’s resources to advance their brand marketing, social, and community objectives. As a partner, you will benefit from association with our

  • stellar national and regional reputation among parents, educators, and policy makers, and

  • our proven track-record of program innovation, systemic change in schools and school districts, and our deep impact in improving children’s physical and emotional well-being.

In addition, depending on your level of investment in Playworks, you may enjoy access to and visibility in front of our nationwide network of partner schools and training schools; our 400+ coaches and our team of go-anywhere trainers; our broad and deep expertise in the power of play; and input from our spokespeople and thought-leaders in the play sector.

Our sponsors--including National Partners Mattel and New Balance; Multi-Regional Partners such as Disney, General Mills, Kaiser Permanente, Laureus Foundation, and many others; and Regional Partners ranging from AEGON/Transamerica to Whole Foods--utilize partnership with Playworks to reach their target internal and external audiences through a variety of channels in specific, relevant ways.

To learn more about the specifics of partnerships with Playworks, please click through to one of these pages:


At Mattel, we believe in the power of play and the critical link between play and the healthy development and learning of children.  With Playworks as a partner, we can directly and immediately translate that vision into direct impact with thousands of children each year.”

Robert Goodwin, Executive Director of the Mattel Children’s Foundation