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Roosevelt Elementary

Toney is an amazing Playworks advocate and dedicated stepfather to Lysi, a student at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Elementary School. When Lysi decided to participate in the Playworks Girls’ Basketball League for the second year in a row,  Toney decided to take a more active role in his stepdaughter’s team.

He volunteered to be an assistant coach for the team, attending every single basketball practice and game throughout the eight week season. His favorite part of practice was exposing the girls to basketball skills they have never been taught before such as dribbling, passing, shooting and jump stopping. Toney was passionate about sharing his love for the game of basketball which could be seen by his involvement at each game. During the games he would be cheering the team on, handing out high-fives and working with the girls to come up with different strategies. The teamwork and good sportsmanship Toney taught these girls during the 2012-2013 basketball season will be skills the girls will carry on for the rest of their life.