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Junior Coach

Chamira Cohen was the first student her fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Wilson, recommended as a Junior Coach. While she was a model student in school, Chamira was very quiet and reserved. On her first day as a Junior Coach, she struggled to provide game instructions to second grade students. However, Chamira was surely excited about the opportunity -- she attended every Junior Coach training and was anxious to learn more games and skills.

Over time Chamira became more outspoken on the playground and in the classroom. She became one of the “go to” Junior Coaches to help in facilitating games during Kindergarten recess and for some of her class’ bimonthly class game times. Closer to the middle of the school year Chamira was continuously recognized for her progressing reading levels. She also became a vocal leader on the girl’s basketball team. She continued to be a positive example of a Junior Coach by constantly encouraging classmates, even through the toughest situations. Through her experience as a Junior Coach, Chamira gained confidence and leadership skills through play, and subsequently, more excited to participate in class. Chamira is an example of how the Playworks Junior Coach program supports learning and personal growth.